List of Services

Complete Care on Your Schedule

Alpha Plus Denture Clinic provides an array of denture services including denture repairs, denture relines/rebases, and more.

Full Dentures

Alpha Plus Denture Clinic provides quality full dentures to our patients. We strive to understand your expectations, aesthetics, lifestyle issues and ensure quality and satisfaction by consulting with you about the process in designing accurate dentures. We will then take time to explain and recommend the best and most appropriate solutions.

It is important to continue having regular check ups so that a dental prosthetist can examine oral tissues for signs of abnormalities. As you age, your mouth will continue to change as the bone under your dentures shrinks or recedes then, your dentures may need to be adjusted.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are designed to replace missing teeth and can be constructed out of a combination of metal and acrylic, or completely out of acrylic or flexible material.

Metal partial dentures are cast metal dentures generally considered to be the more permanent partial denture, unlike acrylic partial dentures they are clipped to the natural teeth with clasps and most importantly incorporate rests on the teeth. The clasps hold the denture firm and the rests help to stop any damaging up and down movement.

Acrylic partial dentures consist of the denture teeth attached to an acrylic base plate. They provide good stability and retention due to the denture fitting closely and tightly against the gums and natural teeth, and the use of wrought metal clasps (retainers) to grip the teeth.

Flexible partial dentures are designed to replace a single tooth or a few teeth rather than a full set of teeth. Rather than connecting to existing teeth with metal clasps, they also have a comfortable, more aesthetically pleasing metal clasps.

Implant Overdentures

Implant Overdentures are made to fit over dental implants. An implant-supported denture provides the greatest security, as the denture snaps onto titanium implant studs, which are surgically inserted into your existing jawbone.

Please ask the dental prosthetist for more information regarding implants and their benefits.

Denture Repairs, Relines & Rebases

Should you run into a problem with your denture, we can usually repair it that day and often repair the denture while you wait.

Relines takes a new impression taken of your gums, then the prosthetist uses that impression as a working model, adding high strength acrylic to reconstruct your denture to the new fit delivering a proper fitting denture.

Rebases are the same procedure as relines. The difference with rebasing is that the prosthetist replaces all of the old pink acrylic base material with new high strength acrylic. Essentially you are getting a new fit with new acrylic, but with your existing teeth.

Sport Mouthguards

Sport Mouthguards can protect you from some serious sporting injuries, such as broken jaws, fractured, cracked or knocked-out teeth, cut lips and tongues. If you play a sport, you are at risk of injuring your teeth and mouth. Many sports have risk of contact and therefore serious dental injury. These sorts of injuries are often difficult to treat, and often involve a lifetime of expense which can lead to a lifetime of dental treatment.